How do I acquire property in Mexico?

Any foreigner may buy and own Real Estate in Mexico legally.

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If you were you buy property on the mainland, in places such as Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, Guadalajara and many other beautiful places in Mexico, you would be able to buy it, Fee Simple, get your deed without the intervention of any Bank.

Never the less if you plan to own Property near the Ocean on any of the wonderful beautiful Beaches of Mexico you will need to buy your property through a Bank Trust (Fideicomiso in Spanish).

To purchase real estate in the restricted zone, foreigners must acquire the property through a bank trust formalized through a Mexican banking institution.

How can Foreigner own property in Mexico Legally?

Foreigners may obtain direct ownership of a property within Mexican territory. However, foreigners cannot hold title to properties within 100 km from the border and within 50 km from the coastline. This area is known as the restricted zone. However, there is a system in Mexico that allows non-Mexican to purchase property, providing great protection for the property owner, and is very similar to fee simple ownership. 

It is very important to point out that a Bank Trust is not a 99 yr lease, there is no such thing as a 99yr lease!

A legal lease in Mexico cannot last las more than 9 years and 11 months,  will expand on Land Lease Properties in another article.

Buying through a Bank Trust is the best and safest way for foreigners to purchase property near the Ocean and the coasts of Mexico.

When you own a Property through a Bank Trust in Mexico you will have all of the rights on the property as a Mexican would have, you will own it, you may sell it, rent it or leave in your Estate.

The bank trust is established for 50  years, renewal for the same period before expiration, the trustee bank will let you know that is time to extend the terms for another 50 years. 

​If you pass away or before said when you pass away, your heirs will inherit the property, when you buy Your Property near the Ocean, you will have been asked who your Beneficiaries will be at the time of your death and you would list make of your heirs.  You will be designated as the main beneficiary and can designate substitute beneficiaries in the event of the dead, that way avoiding probate procedures upon the dead.

In other words, you may own the property in perpetuity.

There are some restrictions though, if you purchase a property for residential purpose you will not be allowed to put a business on the same property.

It is to be used as a residence only! When you buy your Property there will be a couple of Scenarios:

If you buy a property with an existing Bank Trust you may do one of the following.

 .a. Do a session of the right of the existing Bank Trust, in which the seller instructs the Bank that you will be the new owner. 

  .b. Cancel the existing Bank Trust and start a new one, with a different Bank.
Doing a Transfer of rights is usually the fastest thing do you and might save you a little, not much,  in the of the closing costs.

Even though it is faster to do a Transfer of right, there might be some very valid reasons why you would choose to cancel and start with a new Bank Trust.

If the bank holding my trust ceases doing business,
 Is there any risk of losing my property? No.

With the assistance of the Mexican Banking Commission,
the trustee bank would be replaced by

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