Ocean & Beachfront Property for sale in Rosarito Beach & Baja California Mexico

Living in Baja has been a dream come true for many Americans. Our knowledge of the region can be a huge benefit when it comes to finding a perfect place, we are prepared to help you find the beachfront house of your dreams.

Looking for an Ocean and Beachfront home for sale in Baja California? There are many great homes that sit next to the sand that include the beach towns of Rosarito, La Jolla Del Mar, San Antonio Del Mar & La Mision. Real Estate prices for both beachfront homes and condos will vary depending on the location and size of the home. 

Villas Punta Piedra $195,000 USD


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43 photos
C. Azcapotzalco, Suite 7124(New Construction)
Punta Bandera $297,500 USD 290 sq. m. 4-Level Split Residential
21 photos
Privada Cordova
Villas punta piedra $225,000 USD Single Story Residential
42 photos
Villas Punta Piedra Privada Cordova, Suite 69(New Construction)
Villas punta piedra $195,000 USD 1,356 sq. ft. Single Story Residential
5 photos
KM 43.5 Antes del Pescador, Lot 0773
PUERTO NUEVO $130,000 USD 1,100 sq. m. Lot / Land Lots and Land
7 photos
San Marino, Suite Privada Bresia
Playas de Rosarito San Marino $119,000 USD 1,800 sq. ft. Apartment Residential
46 photos
La Mision Land for Developers
La Mision $30,000,000 USD Single Story Residential
20 photos
Tijuana Tijuana $3,900,000 USD 143,493 sq. ft. Multiplex Multifamily
11 photos
Quinta Versalles, La Gloria, Suite Imperial 6
Urbiquinta Versalles $2,800,000 MXN 125 sq. m. 2 Story Residential
2 photos
valle de guadalupe 2
El Porvenir $2,400,000 USD 170,000 sq. m. Single Story Residential
56 photos
Valle de Guadalupe
Ensenada Valle de Guadalupe $1,744,750 USD Lot / Land Farm and Ranch
2 photos
Camino Vecinal
El Porvenir $1,475,000 USD Single Story Residential
48 photos
Calle Playa
Gold Coast Rosarito/Tijuana San Antonio Del Mar $1,299,995 USD 3,000 sq. ft. 2 Storey Residential
57 photos
Privada de La Playa, Suite 29
Plaza del Mar Beach Seccion $1,200,000 USD 4,000 sq. ft. 2 1/2 Story Residential
56 photos
San Antonio Del Mar $989,500 USD 6,447 sq. ft. 4-Level Split Residential
53 photos
Fracc. Chapultepec, Octava Sección
Tijuana Chapultepec $870,000 USD 1,070 sq. m."CONSTRUCCION" 5-Level Split Residential
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  • Single Story For Sale in Plaza Del Mar, Playas de Rosarito

    •  1938 sqft , 2 bath , 2 bdrm single story – FOR SALE  USD272,000 . Just Listed! in Plaza Del Mar, Playas de Rosarito Plaza Del Mar Residential is a development by the sea, has extraordinary gardens, pool and Jacuzzi, barbecue pit, fire pit, multipurpose court, playground for children and soon a clubhouse. This […]

  • Lot / Land For Sale in Punta Azul, Playas de Rosarito

    •  201 sqm lot / land – FOR SALE  USD55,000 . Excelente vista al Mar!!! in Punta Azul, Playas de Rosarito Exclusivo residencial privado ubicado a minutos del centro de la ciudad, Punta Azul Diamante cuenta con los servicios disponibles Subterráneos, Canchas de Tenis Profesionales, Parques, Acceso controlado y dentro del mismo un Proyecto de […]

  • Lot / Land For Sale in Punta Azul, Playas de Rosarito

    •  200 sqm lot / land – FOR SALE  USD55,000 . Excelente Vista al Mar in Punta Azul, Playas de Rosarito Exclusivo residencial privado ubicado a minutos del centro de la ciudad, Punta Azul Residencial cuenta con los servicios disponibles subterráneos, canchas de tenis profesionales, parques, acceso controlado y dentro del mismo un Proyecto de […]

  • Lot / Land For Sale in PUERTO NUEVO , Playas de Rosarito

    •  1100 sqm lot / land – FOR SALE  USD130,000 . MLS® 12345 in PUERTO NUEVO , Playas de Rosarito Large lot with an amazing panoramic ocean view and great location. Great Restaurants and touristic destinations nearby! Eat exquisite lobster dishes at Puerto Nuevo within 1-minute driving. Ride motorcycles in the Arenales within 3-minutes driving. […]

  • 4-Level Split For Sale in Punta Bandera, Tijuana

    •  2900 sqft , 3 bath , 1 half bath , 3 bdrm 4-level split – FOR SALE  USD295 . in Punta Bandera, Tijuana Spacious house at Punta Bandera, a private residential with beach access and 24 hours Security. This four level house has amazing view to the ocean and its brand new! Property information

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